Segmentation Overview

Personalization Features

Candu has two core features that allow you to create personalized content experiences:

  • Segmentation: using data to create groups of users that you can target different content to. For example, users who are in a trial vs. those that are power users or users that are admins vs. users that are guests.
  • Variables: using data in text components (like email marketing) so you can create dynamic typography like 'Hi {FIRST NAME}' or even pass through data if you wanted to display metrics or statistics e.g. 'Average project count this month {NUMBER OF ACTIVE PROJECTS}.

Data Types

To use either of these features you have the option of sending us two types of data:

  • User Traits: this is data such as role type, account name, first name and email address.
  • User Events: this is data linked to product actions that a user has done such as invited team member, has active project and installed the Chrome Extension.

Options to Send Candu Data

There are a number of ways you can send data into Candu

  1. Directly via the install script tag
  2. Via API
  3. Via third party integration like:
    2. Hubspot
    3. Salesforce

Please note, we only accept user level data at the moment, not account level information.

We also recommend setting up Signed Identities if you send us personal information about your users to ensure your user data is as secure as possible. Note: Only workspace Owners and Admins can enable/disable Signed Identities.