Installing Candu

Two Key Installation Steps

There are two core steps to installing Candu (full guide here):

  1. Add the Candu script tag to your application. We recommend adding it to the header of your product/site.
  2. Whitelisting the domains you are going to be using Candu on
  3. Depending on your Content Security Policy (CSP) you may also need to whitelist the following URLs

Please note: You have the option to set up multiple workspaces in Candu to separate and organize content e.g. a workspace for your Staging/Sandbox environment and one for Production. Each workspace has a separate Candu script tag, whitelisting and segmentation setup.

Optional Steps

Optionally there may be two further steps:

  1. Sending user traits data or eventing data into Candu to use our personalization features
  2. Setting up signed identities if you are sending us personally identifiable information (PII).